Becoming the Change we want to See

At Toward Balance Support Network people have found that living lightly is easy, fun and inexpensive; and helps to build supportive communities. The network believes in communities that engage as stewards of a healthy environment. Right now, Toward Balance is helping to build a sustainable city, with projects as diverse as its communty partnerships. In 2007, along with the health unit and the city, Toward Balance hosted the Green Communities Canada World Record Walk which attracted 1500 participants. This gave City of Kawartha Lakes one of the highest per capita levels of participation in the country. Toward Balance next initiated, “A Night of Kawartha Cuisine,” a celebration of local food served at fine food restaurants. “The backbone of our community is our ability to produce a 40 km meal,” says Toward Balance spokesperson, Anne Kewley.

In 2008, Toward Balance added gardening as another means of celebrating what Kawarthans do best, growing food. Within a year they’ve established gardens at Fleming College, Fenelon Court, Woodview and Frost Manor. With support from the city, Health for Life and Fleming College, community gardens are becoming accessible to everyone, leaving no reason for anyone in this beautiful city to go to bed hungry.

In 2009 TBSN is planning to partner with local organizations across every corner of the city to explore ways of living lightly on our earth. Toward Balance believes in everyone’s right to eat clean, safe food and drink clean, safe water; that good ecology is good economy; and that communities who protect their most vulnerable, can look to the future with hope.

As Anne Kewley states, “Hope comes with that first step. Whether you plant a tree, put in a garden, reduce waste or have your own project, do it with joy. Before you know it, you have become the change you want to see. If you have comments, ideas or projects, we’d love to hear from you. Maybe we can build a dream together.