After the Rain

As the rain ended, the sun broke through the clouds creating a rainbow that arched across the sky landing in our field. So tired from a long day in Toronto, I almost ignored it, almost sat by the television, too tired to move. Oh, but the colours and sounds and scents of such a moment call to every part of our being to join in nature’s pageant, so I did. How could I not? Golden treetops covered with baby leaves, spring grass bending and constantly changing hue under the wind’s breath, the air sweet and rich from the rain and everywhere birds singing the sun to bed. These last two days have delivered more rain than the whole month of April. Once again our fields are immersed in water as they should be at this time of year.

Moments such as this are made to be savoured, when life is at its beginning, full of hope. With all the doom and gloom in the press, it’s easy to become fretful about our future, especially this year with its predictions of widespread food shortages exacerbated by floods, droughts and bio-fuels. Nevertheless, this moment holds its own certainty of the seasons played out in endless variety beyond all time.

When nature speaks to us through its miracles, its voice soothes our fears and restores our dreams. In this lovely moment I can’t hear a truck or car, a television or radio anywhere, just birds singing their praises to life. All the stress of the day dissolves in their song, the rainbow bathing the field in colour, the air as rich and sweet as champagne, and I who almost chose to stay inside.

Roads and cities are so foreign to our nature, yet we forge our short lives upon their anvil. For all our technology, our bodies are made from earth and water, our dreams from fire and air. We are most at peace within ourselves when we are at peace with nature. The birds, the rain, the earth itself are closer to who we are than that concrete shadow world that steals our dreams and leaves us empty.

In the real world, earth offers spring with its rainbow promise of new life. Such a promise for the future is the dream of our new community gardens. No one in our city should lack fresh, healthy food again. Our gardens are available, accessible and ecologically sustainable. They offer us the enriching activity of bringing life and nutrition into the world. They offer our families fresh vegetables and flowers. They offer our community a means of growing together. They offer future generations a richer legacy thanks to our decreased carbon footprint. They offer the earth our pledge of faith in its daily miracles.

Join us on Wednesday, May 14, that’s tomorrow, at 7 P.M. at Fleming College. Enter the main building and look for the sign in the front lobby. Allotments are still available for those who want to garden but don’t have the circumstances that would allow them to do so. For those who just want to be part of an exciting chapter in our city’s history, our motto is, “growing a healthy community, one garden at a time.” See you next time.

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