Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and create activities at a household level that will engage the public in the issues of clean safe water to drink, clean safe food to eat, clean safe air to breathe and a clean safe place to live for all. We define these as the great issues that will mould the world that we will pass on to our children. As such we see peaceful public education and engagement as fundamental to our success as a society.

Photo by: Wayne Medford 


Value Statement

We value life in all of its forms.
We value clean safe water, food and air that sustain life.
We value a peaceful, caring, supportive community that protects those that are less able to protect themselves.
We value public discussion and peaceful activity in safeguarding our natural environment.
We recognize and value our integral role both as inhabitants in and protectors of the natural environment.
We accept and value the concept that the natural environment does not exist solely for our profit, but as a home for all life past, present and future. As such we accept our responsibility to act as individuals and as a community to ensure that future generations will experience a world as beautiful and as bountiful as the one that we have enjoyed.
We value individual and community endeavours which promote and support a sustainable lifestyle that recognizes and preserves the integrity of all life.

Photo by: Wayne Medford 

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